Congress leader Kapil Sibal received money from PFI for anti-CAA protests, say sources | India News

New Delhi: Congress leader Kapil Sibal received money from the Popular Front of India (PFI) for anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests, sources told Zee News.  Among other beneficiaries, noted Supreme Court lawyer Indira Jaising, Dushyant A Dave and Abdul Samand have been named by National Investigation Agency (NIA). The transaction worth Rs 120 crore have been […]

Adnan Sami Award: Clash Between Congress Leaders Statements Over The Padma Shri Award For Adnan Sami

Published By Himanshu Tiwari | नवभारतटाइम्स.कॉम | Updated: 27 Jan 2020, 12:17:00 PM IST दो हिस्सों में बंट गई कांग्रेस हाइलाइट्स चर्चित गायक अदनान सामी को पद्मश्री अवॉर्ड, दो हिस्सों में बंट गई कांग्रेस पार्टी कांग्रेस पार्टी के प्रवक्ता जयवीर शेरगिल ने अदनान को पद्मश्री मिलने को लेकर किया है विरोध कांग्रेस पार्टी के वरिष्ठ […]

Adnan Sami: अदनान सामी को पद्म श्री दिए जाने पर कांग्रेस ने उठाए सवाल, कहा- पिता ने की थी भारत के खिलाफ गोलीबारी – congress questions govt on giving padmashree to adnan sami

जयवीर शेरगिल, अदनान सामी हाइलाइट्स गायक अदनान सामी को पद्म श्री दिए जाने पर कांग्रेस प्रवक्ता ने सरकार पर सवाल उठाए हैं उन्होंने कहा कि मोदी सरकार की चमचागीरी करने वालों को ही पद्म सम्मान दिया जा रहा है जयवीर ने कहा कि सामी के पिता पाकिस्तानी वायुसेना में थे और भारत के खिलाफ गोलीबारी […]

Congress slams govt over Padma Shri to Adnan Sami, questions exclusion of Kargil war veteran from Assam NRC

A file photo of singer Adnan Sami The Congress on Sunday hit out at the Modi government over bestowing the Padma Shri on singer-musician Adnan Sami and asked why Kargil War veteran Mohmmad Sannaullah was declared a foreigner through the NRC for Assam, while the son of a Pakistan Air Force pilot has been conferred […]

Without naming Congress, Nobel Laureate Abhijit Banerjee criticises India’s opposition

Image Source : FILE Without naming Congress, Nobel Laureate Abhijit Banerjee criticizes India’s opposition Nobel Laureate Abhijit Banerjee on Sunday said that India needs a better opposition which is the heart of any democracy and the ruling party should embrace that to keep it under check. Speaking at a session at the Jaipur Literature Festival […]

Congress sends copy of Constitution to PM Modi as Republic Day gift

Image Source : TWITTER Congress sends copy of Constitution to PM Modi as Republic Day gift The Congress party on Saturday took to Twitter and informed that it is sending a copy of the Constitution of India to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of 71st Republic day. The party shared a screenshot of […]

Congress leaders clash with each other at Republic Day event attended by CM Kamal Nath

A screenshot of the video in which the Congress leaders are seen clashing with each other at a Republic Day event in Indore (ANI photo) Congress was left embarrassed on Sunday after two of its leaders traded blows with each other in public at a Republic Day event in Indore, minutes ahead of the arrival […]

71st Republic Day: Google celebrates with special doodle | India News

Search giant Google on Sunday dedicated a special doodle to mark India`s 71st Republic Day, which captured the country`s architectural and cultural legacy, as well as its rich bio-diversity. Describing the doodle in a blog post, Google said: “On the 71st Republic Day of India, today`s Doodle, illustrated by Singapore-based guest artist Meroo Seth, highlights […]

Uddhav Thackeray: उद्धव ठाकरे के कार्यक्रम का बहिष्कार करेंगे कांग्रेस-एनसीपी के नेता – congress ncp leaders will boycott uddhav thackeray function

Published By Ram Shankar | नवभारत टाइम्स | Updated: 26 Jan 2020, 06:02:00 AM IST उद्धव ठाकरे हाइलाइट्स शिवसेना-कांग्रेस-एनसीपी सरकार में गठबंधन दलों के बीच तकरार खत्म होने का नाम नहीं ले रहा है अब मुख्यमंत्री उद्धव ठाकरे के एक कार्यक्रम को लेकर मतभेद खुलकर सामने आ गए हैं कांग्रेस और एनसीपी के नेताओं ने […]

Arun Jaitley, a sorely-missed warrior of the BJP

A file photo of the late BJP leader and former union minister Arun Jaitley Even from the heavens, former Union Minister Arun Jaitley has added another feather to his illustrious cap. Perhaps the most trusted lieutenant of Prime Minister Narendra Modi between 2014 till the time of his untimely death on August 24, 2019, Jaitley […]